Applying Peer-to-Peer in the Data Center

Scalarix is a scalable, fault-tolerant structured storage with transactions for global online services.

What does that mean?

Imagine you have a small web service with a big potential. You are running your own web server with a database backend. Now your site has suddenly caught attention and you get more traffic than your server can handle.

What are you going to do now? Buying more servers? Introducing complex load-balancing?

Don't waste your time. Scalarix is probably the solution!

The concept of Scalarix is very simple: Scalarix is a transactional data store for online services based on the peer-to-peer principle. It provides self-management and scalability by replicating services among peers. Without system interruption it scales from a few PCs to thousands of servers. Servers can be added or removed on the fly without any service downtime.

Scalarix can be used for online shopping, Internet banking, data sharing, online gaming, or social networks. It is comparable to Amazon's SimpleDB used in S3, but supports strong data consistency and transactions over multiple items.

Scalarix takes care of all the rest:

  • Fail-over
  • Data distribution
  • Load-balancing
  • Replication
  • Strong consistency
  • Transactions

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