Key features of Scalarix:

Why Scalarix?

Scalarix is the prime solution to set up a highly scalable and cost-effective online service.

Without system interruption Scalarix scales from a few PCs to thousands of servers. According to your demands, add or take away computers from a production system at anytime without risking any service downtime.

Scalarix does all the rest: fail-over, data distribution, load-balancing, replication, strong consistency, and transactions.


Scalarix seamlessly supports configurations with only a few PC's up to the highest demand global online systems with thousands of servers. The key technical feature to achieve this is the use of a structured overlay technique with fast logarithmic routing to multi-dimensional keys.

Range Queries

In contrast to many other overlay protocols Scalarix allows for range queries by storing keys in lexicographical order.


The user can adjust the level of availability to the actual need by controlling the replication degree.

Strong Data Consistency

When scaling beyond the usual realm of SQL databases, other implementations first sacrifice strong data consistency. Scalarix in contrast scales all the way with guaranteed strong data consistency. No operator intervention is necessary.

Reliable Transactions

Scalarix supports the four ACID properties (atomicity, concurrency, isolation, durability). It guarantees that database transactions are processed reliably. This is done with majority read/write operations using versioning and adapted protocols for solving consensus in a network of unreliable servers.

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